Educating with 360˚


Education . Photo . Video . Conservation

Prepare your senses for the world of the unknown. Being underwater is an immersion into a completely dynamic environment; a parallel where front and back are interchangeable and up and down are a matter of perspective. To experience so many things at once takes awareness, but trying to capture it all takes creativity. 360-degree video promises to play a big role in the future of both media and education, facilitating an experience that transports the viewer from their seat to 60 feet beneath the surface. The ocean is vast and mystifying and warrants attention far beyond the conventional capabilities of a computer screen.

With 360-degree video, your perspective is no longer limited to the focal point of a camera lens and it is truly up to the eyes of the beholder to create a unique experience. Not only will this technology radically change digital media for the consumer, but for the producer as well. As a videographer, you’re always on the lookout for a shot that is both intriguing and appealing. Of course, what one finds to be both intriguing and appealing is subjective and varies from person to person. 360-degree video enables an audience to have the freedom to choose their own shot, find a new perspective, and see something distinctive. Life would be tediously ordinary if we all saw things the same way, why should what we encounter in video be any different? Viewing the world in our own way offers a unique learning experience, one without boundary or bias. This evolution beyond passive learning is what enthralls the learner; what ignites their passion for the ocean.

At Ocean First Education, we connect people with the sea, spreading awareness and unlocking natural curiosities for it. We work relentlessly to integrate innovative technologies into our curricula, believing that a true learning experience should be multi-dimensional. With 360-degree still being somewhat of an esoteric concept, we are excited to be on the cutting edge, filming, editing, and creating video that offers anyone the chance to experience the ocean first-hand.

This new age of technology will revolutionize the way we experience media, the way we learn and interact with our surroundings, and help break ground for future ocean stewards to take action. Not only is 360-degree video the future of digital media and education, it’s at the helm of the movement.