Being fortunate enough to travel the world and document life, regions, and cultures foreign to most, we are humbled by the opportunity to work with motivated, passionate people anxious to tell their stories. 

We live in a beautiful world in a unique time where you can journey to the far corners and learn about the planet all without ever leaving your seat – so sit back and become a more knowledgeable, connected member of your community.  



Digital Media & Science Communication 

Digital media has the power to captivate and move audiences.  Through passionate, environmentally conscious pursuits we hope to share stories that leave you inspired and motivated to respect and protect this incredible world. 

We have had the privilege of traveling around the world and would like nothing more than to take you with us. Some of our favorite trips include – Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Socorro, and the Galapagos Islands


360˚ Video and Virtual Reality

360 video is changing how we experience the world. Being among the first to ride this wave has come with its fair share of challenges, but it’s hard to put a price on the ability to travel to the globe, swim alongside giant Pacific mantas, and witness otherworldly cultures, all without leaving your seat.